For Teens in Allen, TX

Teens - orthodonticsFor teenagers who want a beautiful and straight smile, Kraus Orthodontics in Allen, Texas provides compassionate service to our teen patients. Your teen will enjoy the long-term benefits of a beautiful smile and good health from our orthodontic care.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen braces are available at Kraus Orthodontics! Invisalign Teen consists of a series of clear silicone aligners. Each set of aligners is custom-made to fit your teen perfectly. 3D imaging technology is used to create a mold for each set of aligners. The aligners fit right over the teeth, and over a period of time gently push the teeth into a straighter position.

Every 1-2 weeks your teen will switch to a new set of aligners to keep up with the shifting position of their teeth.

Invisalign braces are one of our most popular teen services because the aligners are completely clear. Friends and family will have a hard time noticing your teen even has braces! The clear aligners are also popular because teens can take them out completely. Our patients love the ease of taking them out to eat and drink, and floss their teeth without hassle!

Traditional Braces

If your child has significant alignment problems or other serious issues, traditional braces are your best choice. When a teen’s teeth come in sideways, or if an extra tooth pops through unexpectedly, traditional braces are your most effective treatment option. Parents often choose traditional braces so their teen can have a stunning smile.

Your teen’s confidence is important and may help them grow into successful adults. If your teen could benefit from a straighter smile, we can offer traditional braces that are affordable. For a positive braces experience and outstanding results, Kraus Orthodontics has what your teen needs.

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Overbite Correction

An overbite can be mild or severe, and happens when the top teeth jut out too far over the bottom teeth. Severe overbites can not only have a negative effect on your teen’s confidence, but can cause problems with oral health as well. Our team is equipped with the know-how and the technology to treat most overbite problems. We can help your child get the smile they’ve always wanted!

Underbite Correction

Underbites are less common than overbites, and happen when the bottom teeth extend beyond the front of the top teeth. An underbite can make eating harder than it should be, and can also cause other health problems. Because underbites are more rare, they can negatively impact your teenager’s self-esteem. Our team at Kraus Orthodontics is dedicated to giving you the smile you deserve.

If you are located in the Allen, Texas area and want to know more about our teen orthodontic services, call us today. You can also contact us here.