Invisalign FAQ: How Long Does it Take?

When you have crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite, dental braces may be your next course or action to correct the abnormality. Traditional metal braces can be in place for a few years and present some pain throughout treatment. They will also need to be tightened by a professional every so often in order for the braces to continue straightening the teeth. Of course, braces are still a viable option, and even the only option, for a range of patients. Nevertheless, there is an alternative.Invisalign15

Invisalign is a sound alternative to traditional metal braces because the clear aligners cannot cause this same discomfort. Instead of having metal braces cemented to your teeth in order to correct their alignment, Invisalign’s clear plastic alignment trays slide perfectly on top of your teeth to do the same job as traditional metal braces. But how long does it take?

The Invisalign Process

In comparison with traditional metal braces, Invisalign is exceptionally easy. There’s no need to visit the dentist for a tightening and you don’t have to worry as much about food getting stuck in your braces. The Invisalign process is relatively simple and doesn’t take nearly as long to complete the realignment process.

First the dentist takes a mold of the patient’s mouth and determines where the teeth are at the beginning and where they need to be realigned to in the end. Once the dentist has taken a mold of the patient’s teeth, he develops personalized Invisalign trays for each stage of the realignment process. Each tray is worn for 20 hours a day by the patient for two weeks. This slowly realigns the patient’s teeth to properly fit the next alignment tray.

Once the tray has been worn for the two week period, the patient simply has to pick up the next tray from the dentist and then repeats the same process by wearing the new tray for 20 hours a day for two weeks before getting the next tray. The Invisalign process can take a little more than a year to complete the realignment, depending on the severity of of the abnormality.

Invisalign Advantages

  • Comfort: Invisalign doesn’t poke and cut up your gums constantly like traditional metal braces. Because it is a series of removable clear alignment trays that don’t need tightening, Invisalign makes for a much more comfortable alternative to realign your teeth.
  • Ease: Traditional metal braces can be difficult to keep clean. Brushing your teeth with metal braces can wear down your toothbrush bristles and get stuck to your lips. Invisalign doesn’t have these downfalls since the alignment trays are removable, making cleaning your teeth and eating much easier.
  • Invisible: Because Invisalign is clear, it is harder to notice that shiny metal braces with colorful rubber bands. Some people are self-conscious of their smile when they have a mouthful of metal, but not with Invisalign.

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