Correcting Overbites: How Long Does Invisalign Take?

When it comes to correcting overbites, patients have a variety of options for treatment, though it heavily depends on the severity of their bite. Regardless, overbite correction is almost always necessary to avoid additional dental problems, and even some health issues. Fortunately, most overbites can be treated with traditional metal braces, yet Invisalign may also be an option for some patients.

At Kraus Orthodontics, we stress the importance of treating overbites, as we know the damage they could present to your teeth. In some less common cases, overbites don’t always need to be treated, however, we always recommend coming in for an assessment. If Dr. Kraus does determine you’ll
need treatment, we have options for you. Depending on the severity of your issue, Invisalign braces could be a great option. However, many patients tend to ask how long does Invisalign take. Let Kraus Orthodontics fill you in.

Invisalign Overbite Correction

While Invisalign braces are a viable option for patients with overbites, this course of action depends on the severity of the patient’s bite, as mentioned. Typically, Invisalign can be used when the overbite is caused by protruding teeth, rather than an underdeveloped jaw. In the case of an underdeveloped jaw, traditional braces will be needed to reposition it. Protruding teeth, however, can indeed be corrected with Invisalign, but how long does Invisalign take?

In general, Invisalign usually takes approximately one year to correct misaligned or protruding teeth. Of course, the length of treatment time will depend on the state of your teeth. If Dr. Kraus determines these clear braces are an option for you, you’ll wear a set of aligner trays every two weeks until your teeth have moved into proper position. Not only do Invisalign braces effectively treat overbites, they also present a variety of benefits.

Overbite Treatment: Benefits of Correcting with Invisalign

If your overbite is a result of protruding teeth, Invisalign braces are most likely an option for you. While how long Invisalign takes depends on the severity of your issue, correcting overbites with aligners is an easy process and offers a list of advantages. Take a look below:

  • Increased Comfort: Though braces are an effective way to treat overbites, they can cause some discomfort in patients. Invisalign aligner trays are made from smooth plastic and designed to fit perfectly on your teeth.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike that of metal braces, Invisalign allows patients to maintain their regular oral health habits. You can simply remove the trays to brush and floss, as well as eat a variety of foods you couldn’t with traditional braces.
  • Less Noticeable: A great benefit of Invisalign is the aligner trays are clear! Throughout treatment, your braces will hardly be noticed, so you can remain confident each day until your treatment is complete!

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As you can see, Invisalign is a great option for overbites that result from protruding teeth. While how long Invisalign takes depends on each patient’s bite, treating overbites with Invisalign poses a great deal of benefits. Regardless of the severity of your bite, you should consult with Dr. Kraus to determine which treatment method best suits you.

If you’re interested in overbite correction at Kraus Orthodontics, be sure to contact us today. You can also call us at (469) 619-9959 to schedule an appointment.