Why More Adults are Pursuing Adult Orthodontics

Within the last four years, adults have sought orthodontic treatment more than ever before. A study done by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) revealed that there was a 14 percent increase in adult orthodontic patients nationwide between 2010 and 2012. And those numbers have only increased since that study.

It’s important for adults with alignment or bite issues to feel comfortable pursuing adult orthodontics. Avoiding these issues for the sake of embarrassment during treatment can threaten the overall health of your teeth and gums over time.

At Kraus Orthodontics in Allen, Texas, we are strong advocates of adult orthodontics. Dr. Kraus provides numerous treatment options for adults seeking orthodontic alignment. Before calling us to schedule a consultation, learn more about why adults are defying the stigmas and pursuing adult orthodontic treatment.

Why are More Adults Pursuing Adult Orthodontics?

Part of the rapid increase in adult orthodontic treatment is due to alternative treatment methods that make the whole process more discreet. Invisalign, for example, is practically invisible to the outside eye, which can provide comfort for those who might be nervous about seeking treatment as an adult.  Additionally, clear braces are commonly worn by adults at Kraus Orthodontics and provide an esthetic alternative to traditional, metal braces.

More advertising directed towards the benefits of adult orthodontic treatment is being seen than ever before. Orthodontists nationwide are dedicating more effort to educate and to spread awareness as to the benefits of adult orthodontic treatment.

As more adults become aware of the esthetic options that are available to them, the percentage of adults seeking orthodontic treatment continues to rise. In 1994 there were 680,000 adults undergoing orthodontic treatment. By 2012 that number rose to 1.1 million (an increase of 58 percent). As these rates continue to increase over the years, more adults will feel comfortable choosing braces over the health and cosmetic downsides that come from avoiding them.

Facts About Adult Orthodontics

  • A different AAO study shows that 71 percent of patients who had concerns about how they would be perceived with braces were no longer concerned about their appearance after treatment began.
  • 87% of young adults (18 to 34) reported favorable results from undergoing orthodontic treatment
  • Some studies suggest that overall treatment times are decreasing as a whole. In 2012, for example, the average treatment time was 22 months as opposed to the previous average of 24 months.
  • A 2010 study showed that adults made up 22 percent of all orthodontic treatments. That number is up from 17 percent in 1994.

Are You an Adult Seeking Orthodontic Treatment?

As you can see, receiving orthodontic treatment as an adult these days is easier than ever before. At Kraus Orthodontics, we have the technology to reduce treatment times and get you on track to that perfect smile you desire. If you’re interested in adult orthodontic treatment, call our office today at 469-619-9959 to schedule a consultation. You can also contact us here.