Signs and Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many in their lifetime will undergo removal of their wisdom teeth. These teeth tend to emerge in early adulthood, several years after the other adult teeth.  As such, they can create a lot of problems as they emerge. Impacted wisdom teeth are a fairly common complication, and when not treated promptly, they can cause serious discomfort to your daily life. As such, we wanted to take some time to highlight the signs and symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Explained

Wisdom teeth become impacted when they don’t have enough room to emerge into the mouth normally. Over the centuries, with a more refined diet and fewer raw meats and grains, human jaws have decreased in size.  Many people have wisdom teeth that erupt and develop without any complications. But for many others, the mouth is already too crowded for the wisdom teeth to come in properly, and thus they can become impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth might emerge partially, which is called partial impaction; in many cases, they never break through the gumline. These teeth might grow at an angle toward the second molars in front of them, grow at an angle toward the back of the mouth, or grow parallel to the jawbone. All of these abnormal growth patterns can bring discomfort to the surrounding teeth, gums, and jaw. When wisdom tooth impaction occurs, it’s important to see a professional to determine a treatment plan.

Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

  • Red, Swollen Gums: One of the surest signs of emerging or impacted wisdom teeth are red and swollen gums. This is typically caused when the wisdom teeth are putting pressure on the gums before the emerge.
  • Tender or Bleeding Gums: In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth can partially emerge from the gums, which creates a pocket for bacteria and possibly infection.
  • Jaw Pain: Impacted wisdom teeth can affect the jawbone in a number of ways. Sometimes they’ll grow perpendicular and apply pressure to the rest of the teeth, which can create jaw pain.
  • Difficulty Opening or Closing Your Mouth: Similarly, impacted wisdom teeth can inhibit your ability to open and close your mouth. In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth can cause TMJ problems.

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