Why You Should Consider Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Two-phase orthodontics is sometimes necessary for children with certain dental problems. It might seem odd for an orthodontist to recommend an early phase of treatment while some baby teeth are still present.  However, the benefits of early treatment are becoming clearer with time.  This treatment can often be tremendously beneficial in helping to avoid a developing problem that could be much more difficult to treat at an older age.  While it may not be necessary for every child, you may never know if there is a need for an early phase of orthodontic treatment if you don’t have a consultation to see!

Kraus Orthodontics is proud to provide orthodontic services to residents of Allen, Texas and all the surrounding areas. We have orthodontic treatments available to those of all ages, including early stage correction for children. Dr. Kraus and his experienced team will work with you to improve your smile, with a focus on quality service and care. Before calling our Allen office, read more about the potential benefits of two-phase orthodontics for your child.

How Does Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Traditionally, kids have waited until their early teenage years to pursue orthodontics. Orthodontists normally wouldn’t commence any treatment until the baby teeth were gone and the adult teeth were well developed.

However, orthodontists have begun to see the potential benefits for early orthodontic treatment. Early treatment is a way to mold the development of one’s teeth and jaws so that, down the road, the second phase to treatment is much less complicated and oftentimes shorter.  Some alignment and bite issues can become quite severe by the time children reach their teenage years.  Use of expanders, space maintainers, retainers, and limited braces can provide a tremendous benefit to these kids, mitigating the severity of this progression.  Despite making a big difference in their dental development, early treatment doesn’t guarantee that a child’s remaining permanent teeth will then grow into perfect orthodontic alignment, so a second phase a few years later is often necessary to finish the process.

The Advantages of Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Many children have orthodontic issues that will only worsen with time. When you catch these early, and encourage healthy oral development through a first phase of treatment, you can minimize a more challenging treatment down the road.

Further, early treatment can make your child more comfortable. Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other such orthodontic issues can make daily life difficult.  Children who would otherwise live with these complications can often gain immediate relief with early treatment.  These problems can also alter the proper growth of the jaws if not corrected which could result in more serious bite issues in their teenage years.  

Thumb-sucking and mouth-breathing habits can also be corrected which makes a significant improvement in the overall health of our patients.  Additionally, we can make wonderful improvements to kids who have social issues due to extremely crooked or protruding teeth, resulting in an improved self-esteem and better relationships with friends at school.  In summary, the benefits of early treatment are many and can often be significant for children in need.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child by age 7 should have a consultation with an orthodontist to determine if early orthodontic intervention is needed!

Considering Orthodontics For Your Child?

If you would like to find out if two-phase orthodontic treatment is needed for your child, then don’t hesitate to contact Kraus Orthodontics today! You can call us at 469-619-9959 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Or you can contact us here.