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We are so glad you are considering Dr. Kraus and his team for your orthodontic needs! We know how a rejuvenated, stunning smile gives you the confidence you need in any situation. You want to look your best, and we can help you reach your goals for whatever setting you find yourself in. We take pride in serving the residents of Allen and its surrounding areas here in Texas. Our orthodontic services are high-quality and use advanced techniques to help you get the glowing smile you deserve! We welcome every one of every age and background here at Kraus Orthodontics. Get the smile you’ve always wanted!

For Juniors

For our junior patients, Kraus Orthodontics offers early treatment, or treatment before all the permanent teeth come in. Providing orthodontics at an earlier age will help you child develop straight and healthy teeth. We can start correcting problems when your child is young to get them started on the path to a beautiful smile.

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For Teens

Kraus Orthodontics can you help your teen on their way to a straighter, more confident smile. We have many options for our teen patients, including traditional and Invisalign braces. Our team works hard so your teen will be able to smile with confidence and feel more comfortable in social situations.

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For Adults

We know that you are never too late to get the stunning smile you have always wanted. Adults in the Allen area like our office because we do everything we can to help our adult patients transform their smiles. If you have an overbite or an underbite, a missing incisor, or other similar dental problem, we can help you with our adult orthodontics.

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Call us today with any questions and to schedule a consultation. We are excited to help you with any orthodontics questions you have. We offer several treatments to correct teeth alignment as well as other structural issues, such as an anterior open bite. Our friendly staff looks forward to talking with you about our treatments.

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