Clear Braces

Here at Kraus Orthodontics in Allen, TX, we strive to provide the best in orthodontic services for our patients. We offer a range of treatments for those seeking a straighter smile, regardless of age. Though many esthetically-driven patients are inclined to opt for Invisalign to attain a better smile, not everyone is a candidate for the clear aligners. Quite often, this leaves patients with just one option: traditional braces. However, Dr. Kraus also offers clear braces for those who aren’t suited for Invisalign or are hesitant about the appearance of metal brackets. Whichever the case, clear braces are a viable and effective option for anyone seeking a more beautiful smile.

If you’re interested in learning more about treatment with clear braces and the advantages they present, take a moment to learn more about these subtle braces and how you can get started on treatment in Allen with Dr. Kraus. Let’s take a look.

What are Clear Braces

Though the term “clear braces” is often synonymous with Invisalign, the term actually refers to appliances quite similar to metal braces. Often called ceramic braces, clear braces are just like traditional metal braces but they’re clear! They are applied to teeth and use archwires in the same manner as traditional braces. As opposed to their clear counterpart, Invisalign, they’re capable of correcting nearly any orthodontic issue—making them a great choice for most patients.

Given that clear braces are similar to traditional braces in structure, they present a range of benefits in treating patients who desire good treatment without the metal.

Advantages of Clear Braces

Comfort: Clear braces are made of a compressed, pressurized ceramic that leaves a very smooth, polished surface. The clear ties that go around the bracket are also smooth. These minimize the discomfort inside the mouth from that can occur when lips and cheeks rub against the braces.

Subtle Appearance: Most patients prefer clear braces because of their appearance. The clear brackets assume the color of your teeth due to their translucency. And, clear brackets are generally the same size as metal brackets, making them very discreet. From a certain distance, the braces may go completely unnoticed by your friends and coworkers!

Equally Effective: As mentioned previously, clear braces can correct virtually any orthodontic issue. While Invisalign may not involve brackets and wires, it is not always the recommended treatment for all patients. Braces, metal or clear, allow Dr. Kraus to have specific control of the teeth in situations where customized movements are necessary.

Of course, there are still some potential drawbacks to clear braces. For one, the clear ligature ties used to hold archwires in place can stain over time from regular eating. However, we replace the ties with fresh ones at each visit. And, although quite rare, the ceramic brackets are slightly weaker than metal brackets and occasionally have small fractures. As you can see, the disadvantages of clear braces are mostly minor. Plus, the treatment process is fairly simple.

How Do They Work?

Seeing as how similar clear braces are to their metal counterpart, treatment isn’t much different. At your initial consultation with Dr. Kraus, he’ll determine a treatment plan specific to you and the current state of your teeth. From there, the ceramic brackets will be placed onto your teeth in customized locations to move them as intended. The accompanying archwire is then fed through each bracket, gradually guiding the teeth into a better position between appointments. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll visit with Dr. Kraus regularly for wire changes and adjustments. When it’s time to get your braces off, you’ll have a set of newly straightened teeth!

Keep in mind that the length of your treatment depends on a variety of factors, one being how well you care for your braces. In an effort to stay on track and get your braces off as anticipated, be sure read the pages on caring for your braces below:

Get Started On Treatment Today!

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