Different Parts of the Teeth

In our last blog, we spent some time highlighting the functions of the different types of teeth. We believe that education is as important as anything else in providing quality orthodontic care. So, we wanted to dive a little deeper this time and discuss the anatomy of the teeth and what purpose the different parts of the teeth serve when it comes to your oral health!

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The Different Parts of the Teeth

  • Enamel: The enamel is a highly mineralized tissue coating the outside of your teeth. The enamel is fundamental to protecting the more sensitive interior of your teeth from things like bacteria and decay. This outer layer of enamel is actually the hardest substance found in the human body!
  • Dentin: The dentin is found one layer below the enamel, and provides another level of protection for the pulp of each tooth. If cavities or decay reach the dentin, it’s likely that you’ll begin to experience tooth aches.
  • Pulp: The pulp layer sits at the hollowed center of adult teeth. The pulp contains the blood vessels and nerve tissue that bring nutrients and sensation to the tooth. If damage or decay reaches the pulp, it can lead to intense sensitivity and pain.
  • Crown: The crown of a tooth refers to the visible portion above the gums. Surprisingly, this makes up only one-third of a tooth. The shape of crowns can differ greatly from tooth to tooth, depending its purpose.
  • Root: The root of your tooth extends from the crown, underneath the gums and into the bone. The root makes up the other two-thirds of each tooth, and helps hold the teeth in place.
  • Gumline: The gumline is where the teeth meet the gums, at the junction of the crown and the root. The gumline is an important part of hygiene because tartar and plaque can easily settle below the gums and invite dangerous bacteria. These bacteria can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and early stages of gum disease.

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