Maintaining Your Perfect Teeth

Every patient looks forward to the moment they have their braces removed. Receiving orthodontic treatment and be a long process, but the results are often very rewarding. However, the right care is necessary in keeping those results. In other words, maintaining your perfect teeth after having your braces removed is essential. Who wants all that time and money to go to waste?

At Kraus Orthodontics in Allen, Texas, we love seeing our patients’ new smiles after treatment, but we want those great smiles to last. Wearing your retainer is very important after orthodontic treatment, as it works to keep your teeth in position. Not wearing your retainer after braces allows teeth to shift, ultimately reversing the work your braces do.

Wearing Your Retainer

Attaining straight teeth is a long process that requires a lot of work from both you and Dr. Kraus. Quite often, patients either forget to wear their retainer or they lose it shortly after treatment. Whichever the case, teeth will begin to shift back toward their original position, and the time and money you spend acquiring your great smile will have nothing to show for.

As mentioned, one main reason patients don’t wear their retainer is because it gets thrown out. It’s not uncommon for patients to remove their retainer while eating and accidentally leave it behind or throw it away. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to keep your retainer in the case it came with whenever you take it out. If you do lose your retainer, you should contact Dr. Kraus immediately.

A Fixed Alternative

To avoid the risk of losing your retainer and ruining your perfect smile, you can ask about fixed retainers. Fixed retainers are applied to the backside of your teeth, and often remain there forever. They’re a wonderful alternative to removable retainers, as they are hardly noticeable to patients, and can’t be lost. Oftentimes fixed retainers are placed and a removable is given over top as a backup to the permanent solution. Of course, because they are not removable, it’s important to keep them clean and free of food debris in order to protect your teeth. Otherwise, fixed retainers are a great way to maintain your perfect teeth.

Caring for Your Retainer

Like we said, patients should always keep their retainer in the plastic case when not in use. This will not only keep it clean, it will also make it easier to keep track of.  You should also keep your retainer clean at all times. Just like your teeth, retainers need to be free of bacteria and plaque.
If you’ve lost your retainer or are simply interested in orthodontics in Allen, contact Kraus Orthodontics today! We offer a number of services to provide patients with perfect teeth. You can call us at 469.619.9959.